F O U N D A T I O N

Under a constant state of evolution of style and creative direction (as with art of wedding film making), Lenscaged in the past decade has grown constantly and immensely centering on "transforming memories into memorable stories." 


Lenscaged is the brainchild of Varun & Ayush. Together they started capturing and creating beautiful memories for many couples. They themselves have been together for eternity! Ayush lives in fantasy land and feels that every couple has a magical story waiting to be translated. He has a strong sense of composition (being an architect and a strategist) he loves to create visual stories. He has a bit of a of sixth sense, and can feel when a beautiful moment is about to happen and makes the camera turn that way just in time!
Varun has never had any formal photography education but is a brilliant artist and so taking artistic photographs comes naturally to him. His style of shooting is more documentary based, while Ayush's style of shooting is more interactive. He will be closer to the couple and family members and maybe even direct a shot if he feels the need for it, and take the best candid shots without anyone realizing that he has already captured the moment. Together they form a perfectly balanced team and capture memories in the form of beautiful photographs and films.